Office Visits

Our practice is committed to providing you and your family with safe, gentle, and high-quality dental care. We understand that you may feel anxious about visiting the dentist. We are sensitive to your needs, and it is our goal to make you feel comfortable visiting our practice while providing the best care possible.

Your first visit is all about you: your comfort, your happiness, and your health.

At your first visit you will be greeted by Tiffany, our office manager and you will be given a tour of our facility by Elsie or Jodie, our dental assistants.  Dr. Karvounis will sit down with you in a relaxed sitting area of our treatment room and discuss your dental concerns.  You will get a comprehensive examination and all of the findings will be discussed with you.  Together, you and Dr. Karvounis will determine what is best for you.

When you see our hygienist, Betty, she will give you customized oral hygiene instructions for your specific needs and provide you with the tools you can use to help you maintain your freshly cleaned teeth.

Bring your smile, but also remember to:

  • Complete our patient forms on our website or, if you prefer, arrive 15 minutes early to complete them in the office.

  • Bring your insurance card.

Regular checkups are an important part of maintaining a healthy smile!

The American Dental Association recommends a visit to your dentist every six months for regular checkups and routine teeth cleanings to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

We understand you have a busy schedule, so when you’re preparing to visit our office, please remember your appointments can last between 45 and 90 minutes.


Financial Information

The cost of your treatment will vary depending on your individual needs and treatment plan. We will discuss the cost of your treatment and each of your available payment options with you before you begin, so you can make the best choice for yourself.

Affordable Payment Plans

Your smile is yours forever, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to receive the best dental care when you need it.

Our practice accepts most major credit cards.

Our office staff is always available to help you with insurance claims and paperwork. 

Please let us know if you have any questions about your insurance coverage.

Financing Option - CareCredit

CareCredit is a monthly payment plan that is a separate line of credit to cover you and your family members' health care needs.  With CareCredit:

  • Approval usually takes only a few minutes

  • We offer a no interest option

  • We offer low interest Extended Payment Plan Options for more time to pay your balance

  • There are no annual fees or prepayment penalties

Convenient Online Services

New Patient Registration

Please take a few minutes to fill out the patient information forms before your first appointment: