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We see patients of all ages.  There is more to our dental office than just teeth.  Breathing and eating habits are a crucial part of one's health that can be addressed in our office.  These services are especially crucial for children as they grow and develop.  A child’s first dental visit should be around the age of 2, unless parents have concerns at an earlier age.  Infants should be brought in when possible to assess early breathing habits, tongue ties, and lip ties.

  • Child Jaw Growth Appliances

    Many times, due to diet, pacifiers, incorrect swallowing patterns and mouth breathing, children can start to develop improper jaw alignment and tooth crowding at a young age. By working with children to establish proper oral habits, combined with oral appliances to correct habits and help grow the jaw bones, we can improve the size of the airways, prevent childhood sleep apnea, reduce crowding and encourage ideal facial and jaw development.

  • Sleep Appliances

    Individuals who snore, grind or clench their teeth while sleeping often benefit from a sleep appliance. Sometimes something as simple as a mouth guard can protect teeth from wear and fractures, and other times patients need special snore guards to help open the airway and allow for improved breathing and less snoring.

  • CBCT Imaging

    Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a powerful tool for viewing the head and neck in 3-D. Although radiographs, or x-rays, give us important insight when assessing cavities and gum disease, a CBCT can offer more information such as bone density, high definition assessment of tooth and bone infections, and airway assessment, which can give information such as sleep apnea risk. CBCTs are often needed prior to placing implants in order to plan properly for the exact location of the implant body in the best-quality bone.

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