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At MK Dentistry, formerly The Klocko Center, we take pride in making each patient’s visit pleasant. From the moment you step inside our beautiful office, you will feel the difference. The setting is warm, inviting, open and friendly. Our emphasis is on your comfort. A neck pillow, a soft blanket, and a comfortable chair make you feel relaxed and at ease.

Providing the care our patients deserve takes a team effort. Working alongside Dr. Karvounis and Dr. Klocko is our top-notch staff. Each and every one brings exemplary skills to the office. They are knowledgeable about all aspects of dentistry and aim to make your appointment as easy and comfortable as possible.

Meet the Doctors

  • Mary Karvounis, DDS

    “My greatest passion is helping patients feel confident in their smile. Having a healthy and beautiful smile really affects how you interact with the world and plays a role in the way you feel about yourself. I love to enhance smiles while keeping a natural appearance. It’s important to me that cosmetic work doesn’t look like ‘work,’ but rather, an improved version of your own smile, with natural contours and translucency. Little details make a big difference in cosmetic dentistry.


    I also place great importance on pediatric jaw development. The growth of our jaws and face is not 100% genetic; rather, our jaws and face also grow in response to external factors such as diet and breathing habits. I enjoy working with children in order to maximize proper growth and reduce the need for future extensive orthodontic treatment.”


    -Dr. Mary Karvounis

    Education and Continuing Education


    Dr. Mary Karvounis was raised in Montgomery County, Maryland, and attended the University of Maryland, College Park for her undergraduate studies, where she majored in Biology. She then attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore School of Dentistry where she completed her Doctorate of Dental Surgery.

    While in dental school, she completed the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship, a community service-based leadership project. During this fellowship, she worked with the House of Ruth in Baltimore, MD, a women’s shelter, to help educate the House of Ruth’s residents in oral care and provide dental examinations.

    She enjoys transforming smiles while maintaining a natural appearance and a functional bite. She is trained in facial injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers, and strives to give patients a healthy and natural-looking result.

    Dr. Karvounis is Invisalign certified and has completed a multitude of orthodontic cases. She also has a passion for working with children to establish healthy airways and jaws, and maintain healthy oral habits that lead to proper facial and jaw growth and well-aligned adult teeth.

    Dr. Karvounis has received additional training in placing and restoring dental implants, as well as in bone grafting techniques.


    She has received continuing education and training from:

    • Invisalign - straightening smiles

    • Myobrace - pediatric breathing and swallowing habit correction

    • Advanced Lightwire Functionals (ALF) with Dr. Ljuba Lemke - optimizing pediatric facial and jaw development

    • FACES - Botox and dermal filler training with Dr. Gigi Meinecke

    • University Implant Educators - implant placement, bone grafting, sinus augmentation, ultrasonic bone surgery for narrow dental ridge expansion, platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) membrane training


    Professional Memberships

    • American Dental Association (ADA)

    • Maryland State Dental Association (MSDA)

    • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)

    • Triple Crown Study Club (Seattle Study Club)


    Outside the Office


    In her spare time, Dr. Karvounis enjoys hiking outdoors and exploring state parks. She is an avid reader and mostly reads books related to health.

    She also spends weekends learning social dances such as West Coast Swing, Brazilian Zouk and Ballroom.

  • Karen Klocko, DDS

    “I think, more than anything, practicing dentistry has given me a sense of purpose. Dentistry has made me a lifelong student and given me that satisfaction that comes from learning. It has given me the opportunity to meet new people every day, to change some lives and to ease some pain. One of my greatest joys comes from giving my patients the chance to finally feel confident and happy about their smile.

    “Mine has been a career full of inspiration. I have been inspired by many of my patients and the roads they have traveled. I have been inspired by my staff and their commitment to our patients, to each other, and to me. I have been inspired by my colleagues: the specialists I depend on to help me deliver the dentistry that I want to do and who continually raise the bar so that we all win. I hope that I serve as an inspiration to them as well.”

    - Dr. Karen Klocko

    Education and Continuing Education

    Dr. Klocko earned a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the University of Maryland, College Park (Go Terps!). She earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Case Western Reserve University School of Dentistry in Cleveland. During her training at CWRU School of Dentistry, she was recognized as The Outstanding Senior Woman Dental Student, and The Outstanding Senior in Oral Pathology, and she was inducted into the National Dental Honor Society, OKU. She completed her general practice residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, in 1986.

    During the early years of her dental practice, Dr. Klocko started her continuing education journey to learn everything she could about making her patients’ bites stable. She wanted to learn how to distribute the forces of a person’s bite evenly so the teeth did not wear away or fracture, and the muscles were comfortable.

    She then turned her continuing education journey to focus on developing her cosmetic dentistry skills. While this may sound easy, it takes dedication and attention to detail to learn all the factors that go into making a beautiful smile. She sought out the best in the field and, along the way, met some amazingly talented dental laboratory technicians who now partner with her to deliver artistically beautiful crowns, veneers, bridges, and implants. Patients benefit greatly from this collaboration, and it shows in their smiles!

    Throughout her years of practice, she has studied under some of the pioneers in cosmetic dentistry, which has given her the opportunity and skills to perfect her craft:

    • The Dawson Academy (Dr. Peter Dawson)

    • Seattle Institute (Dr. Frank Spear and Dr. Gregg Kinzer)

    • LSU Esthetics Continuum Parts I and II (Dr. Jimmy Eubank)

    • The Center for Cosmetic Excellence (Dr. Buddy Moper and Dr. Corky Willhite)

    • Fahl Center (Dr. Newton Fahl)

    Professional Memberships

    • American Dental Association

    • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

    • Kinzer East Coast Study Club

    • Triple Crown Study Club (Seattle Study Club)

    • Professionals Advocate Insurance Company, Board of Directors

    Outside the Office


    Dr. Klocko was born in South Carolina but lived nearly all her teen years in Maryland. She has lived in Crofton for 30 years, having opened her practice here in 1987, and now is helping transition the practice to Dr. Mary Karvounis. She lives, quite literally, just around the corner from the office. She is the mother of three daughters. Two of them live in Crofton with their husbands, and one lives in Washington, DC. She enjoys cooking large family dinners with her daughters.

    When she is not at the office or cooking with her girls, Dr. Klocko plays a little golf with her husband and enjoys her book club, of which she has been a member for 20 years.


Meet the Staff

  • Tiffany

    Office Manager

    Tiffany  is skilled in all dental insurance codes, and helps patients maximize their insurance benefits. Despite their ever-changing nature, she enjoys staying current with all the new financing options and insurance plans, with the goal of helping patients afford needed dental care. Tiffany also enjoys the cosmetic aspect of the  MK Dentistry's mission. She takes pride in helping people achieve the smile of their dreams.

  • Betty


    A 1979 graduate of Old Dominion University with a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene, Betty has worked with Dr. Klocko  since 1998. She enjoys her work and helping patients achieve good dental health. She has excellent motivational skills to keep patients focused on their oral hygiene.

  • Elsie

    Dental Assistant

    The mother of two boys and a busy part-time photographer. In addition to assisting, she uses her photography skills to take our patients’ “after treatment” glamour portraits, and designs our print ads.

  • Jodie

    Dental Assistant

    Our newest member to the team, Jodie started working at MK Dentistry in 2020.  She plans on becoming a Dental Hygienist one day.


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