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How far in advance do I need to get cosmetic work done before a big event?

As spring approaches, weddings, proms, family reunions and other gatherings start creeping up on us! It's ideal to plan esthetic work as far in advance as possible. 

For major work such as porcelain veneers, it is ideal to start at least 8 months before a big day, to allow time for proper treatment planning, and to allow the gums to continue to heal and regrow 6 months after veneers are cemented. It does in fact take about 6 months for you to get your final result after a major smile makeover! Cosmetic bonding and whitening, however, can be done a few weeks in advance. 

For Botox and fillers allow about 6 weeks to account for swelling, bruising and any potential side effects to subside. 

The main idea is to be proactive and allow sufficient time for well-planned treatment.


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